The Wright family has been involved in haulage for over fifty years beginning with John Wright transporting livestock. When Jim and Mark started the pig production business they began with one lorry that would transport all the feed for the pigs as well as being used to transport the animals. The company now runs a fleet of fifteen Lorries and twenty five specialised trailers. The lorries serve three main purposes; transportation of pigs, transportation of feed and transportation of bulk liquid. Each week the fleet will transport up to 14000 pigs, 1 million litres of bulk liquid and 3000 tonnes of grain.

Running its own fleet of vehicles allows the Company to take full control of bio security and disease prevention across the farms. The Lorries are all washed daily at our specialised truck wash using approved disinfectants.

State of the art Pezzaioli trailers have been purchased in order to reduce the stress on pigs when they are being transported. The trailers have extra space, cooling fans and a water supply for the animals. Arrangements are made to ensure that the pigs are transported over as short a distance as possible to reduce stress further.

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