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JMW Farms Ltd began its involvement in pig research in 2009. Since then the research work has steadily grown. From 2009 – 2012 all trial work was conducted at JMW Farms Ltd, however the problem was that the sites were built as commercial farms and not research facilities, and the trial work interfered with the daily farming tasks. However, positive results from the early trials led to more research being undertaken, which led to the need for a dedicated research facility to be built. This facility was built in Newtownbutler, and became operational in 2013. Because of the size and scale of JMW Farms Ltd, it was able to design the research facility to a commercial size and standard. This was important as the results needed to be applicable to commercial sized farms. Due to the size of the research facility, more staff had to be employed. The JMW Farms R&D strategy was developed during 2013 so that the research could be more focused. One of the main areas where JMW Farms conduct research is in the area of liquid feeding.


This topic was chosen because of the major lack of knowledge in this area. Some 40% of pig farms in Northern Ireland use liquid feeding systems, so the results will be of great interest to the industry. This project will provide JMW Farms Ltd, and through dissemination, the NI pig industry with the knowledge to improve productivity from sows and pigs through a better understanding of sow and pig nutrition, improve production efficiency through improvements in the use of feed ingredients in liquid feed systems and improve profitability through a reduction in feed costs by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of co-products and feeding strategies in sow and pig nutrition.
JMW Farms Ltd is proud to be at the forefront of this research and believes that the results from the trials will be a positive step forward for the Northern Irish pig industry and pig industries further afield.

Over time, the R&D undertaken at JMW has steadily grown and now involves research into many areas of pig production, as well as environmental work. The research is carried out across several of our sites. JMW Farms believe that the R&D undertaken gives us a competitive edge by advancing our knowledge and finding solutions to areas of production where uncertainty still exists.

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