Production Stages


Our sows are housed in specially designed facilities to ensure their comfort and well-being during the gestation and farrowing cycles.

All of our sows are regularly monitored during the gestation period to ensure that the animals are healthy and taking in enough food and water. All checks are recorded and each individual sow has her own file.

A few days before the sow is due to farrow she is moved to our farrowing rooms. The sow will be given special attention as she prepares to give birth, specially trained staff are on hand to assist with any deliveries if required.

The newly born piglets will remain with their mother for approximately four weeks. During this period the piglets are weaned off their mother and moved on to solid food.


The newly weaned piglets are moved into new housing designed to meet their changing needs. The piglets are placed together in pens, each pen is designed in such a way that the piglets have plenty of room to play and move around. Each of these pens will have its own feeders and water supply. The piglets are fed a series of tailor made diets that are altered in order to keep up with the changing nutritional needs of the pigs. The piglets generally stay in this area for about seven weeks. The pigs are then transported to fattening units for the next stage of production.


During this stage, the pigs are housed in larger pens due to their increased size. Again, each pen will have its own feeders and water supply for the pigs. After approximately twenty-two weeks the pigs will have reached the target weight for the customer. Once ready, the pigs will be transported to the factory in our specially designed trailers.

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