JMW Farms operate a fully integrated Milling system sourcing high quality raw materials from approved suppliers for Feed Manufacturing in its new state of the art Mill located outside Armagh City. All raw materials and finishing feed are transported by JMW ran fleet of TASCC approved vehicles. Feed is manufactured for the JMW owned breeding farms and JMW fattening farms along with its contract fattening farms which are located across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We are DARD approved for the manufacture of compound feed and medicated feeding stuffs.

We are TASCC accredited for the handling of Grains, Pulses and Animal Feed Materials in the supply chain beyond the farm gate whether the destination. All Raw Materials Suppliers and Hauliers comply with the appropriate Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Code of Practice. Chemical and Microbiological analyses is carried out by approved Accredited Laboratories as per sampling plan. Diets are reviewed and monitored by specialised nutritionists on a regular basis. Full traceability of raw materials from production through to delivery of finished feed to ensure Food Safety.

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