Contract Growers

JMW farms have an expanding contract grower base which is considered to be one of the businesses key successes. Contract growers are private/independent farmers who have entered into an agreement with our company to grow pigs for us. Terms are agreed where JMW farms supply the pig and the contract grower feeds the pig. This arrangement works on a target /performance basis which when achieved is both beneficial to grower and producer. We have numerous contract grower sites as well as our own JMW farms owned sites in both UK and Ireland.

Profile: David Hawthorne, County Armagh


David Hawthorne has been a Contract Grower for JMW Farms since October 2014. The site is based in rural County Armagh just outside Newtownhamilton and boasts a state of the art pig house that can hold up to 2000 pigs at any one time. The houses contain fully automated feeding and drinking systems for the pigs, ensuring that the animals are always provided with all the food and water they require.

Due to the success of the partnership thus far, David has plans to eventually expand the site and hopes to be able to house 6000 pigs at some stage in the future. Both David and JMW Farms are very happy with the performance of the unit and the potential for growth.

David manages to run a busy timber business as well as his venture in to the world of pigs! Despite having absolutely no background in farming, David has managed to develop into a successful Contract Grower, and he is keen to encourage others to try going down the same route. In the words of David himself, “If someone from a timber background with no experience of farming can do it, anyone can!”

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