Bio Security

The vast majority of the JMW Farms enterprise units have a so-called ‘high health status’. Maintaining our high health status is fundamental to our business and therefore, as part of a continuous improvement plan, we continuously review and implement any amendments to our current bio security measures with the aim of minimising the risk of disease introduction. Bio security involves preventative measures to prevent disease causing agents entering or leaving a unit, or sections of a unit.

The high health status of our pigs is important to both our sow units and our feeding herd units – the high health status ensures a ‘hassle free’ grower period and a stable performance. Ensuring our contract growers get the growth rates, feed conversion and low mortalities they expect. Our bio security measures includes preventative measures for anything and anyone entering or leaving a unit, including separate quarantine area for any deliverables, perimeter fencing, wildlife and bird exclusion, our own transport and washing facilities, separate shower, canteen facilities and designated clothing for staff and a strict visitor protocol.

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