AD Plant


Anaerobic digestion is a technology applied to obtain methane and is especially efficient in farming. As a company fostering advancements in the field of environmental sustainability, JMW farms has joined the initiative to make its contribution to greenhouse effect mitigation. This investment has enabled JMW farms to both reduce the environmental footprint and optimize production so that there is almost zero waste, an important aspect in cost cutting. While making for a decrease in greenhouse emissions, the company provides organic fertilizers that raise nutritional value of agricultural produce.

Full-scale application of the anaerobic digestion technology for years has proven an effective solution for JMW farms to optimize its financial standing and reduce costs, giving a major boost to profits.

The anaerobic digestion process is very simple. The process begins when biomass is fed to digester i.e: sealed tank. Process begins with naturally occurring micro-organisms digesting the biomass.

This process releases methane rich gas called biogas which can be used to make renewable heat and power. This helps to lessen the use of fossil fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plant is registered with the chpqa. The left over product generated from this process which is made up of indigestible material and dead micro-organisms is called digestate. Throughout the digestive process nutrients such as nitrogen potassium and phosphate have been concentrated into digestate resulting in an excellent organic fertilisation product.


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